by Renato Unterberg

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released June 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Renato Unterberg Salzburg, Austria

Renato Unterberg is a musician since 2006

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Track Name: The Two Sisters
Old bittersweet nothing
still builds my cocoon
sick of repitition
the addict leaves his doom
habits follow soon

I jive for the downfall
toads under my tounge
my spoon digs in your goldmine
taste the jewelled morning
grip the holy thorn

Under foreign flags I
reach my deepest fear
to witness my catharsis
I choose you my dear
I choose you my dear

Feel my confused heartbeat
the soft lie in my breath
in our gentle fury
I die my black death
to where my spirit left

Fed by the two sister
raised without a cue
left by the two brothers
coverd up in dew
Track Name: Silhouettes And Smoke
It was a lonley road, the peoples road
where children had their ways
they danced among the melody
with nature as their play
And were it not for life and death
the sea would not be blue
the trees would fall, the grass will weep
not all because of you

She came upon a darkened room
with sihlouttes and smoke
brandeshing a tommy gun
with blood my love was soaked
Then cried a voice, a distant roar
a hollow in the mist
a town opressed in tyranny
no soul was left to rest

I could never say
the future is on our side
and troubles so far behind
we`re reaching out for the goals

No man, you got do dig a bit deeper
to find the real sweet stuff, you know..
we gonna carry it home when the lights go down
and have a dinner like kings..
oh dear, thats a good one..
fill up those bags and get the hell out of here..

Is that milk you are pouring in there?
oh the beasts bleed on the fields baby
We gonna have a good night tonight
You put your special shoes on, we gonna hit the street
to end up planting bombs in the monument
dancing spider jives round the house of art
Oh let me taste one more kiss of the circle
so I will tune back in
to build castles of toys and tumble them down
with thrown pillows
and spat laughter

We`ll get high, the voice, the freaks, the noise
we gonna sell out baby and burn out maybe
we gonna greet you, meet you in murder, lady
Track Name: Amber
Come home, mother
you`ve been down the road
far too long

Steer me, sister
spread your cristal thoughts
In the dawn

Feel me, father
as I lose my way

Do what thou wilt
shall be the whole
of the law
Track Name: Stoned
Oh I`m stonded, owned, fooled by those who pull
the strings around their own neck, who keep me so
cold, sold, colourblind and barefoot
I still tumble in time to finally get home

Pygmies building up their empire to admire their gods
as they spill their cup of insight on my mind
they realize my dreams have dried

Oh I`m numb, dumb, fooled by those who pull
the strings around my two feet, so I cannot free me
colourblind and barefoot I still tumble in time
to finally get home

Bright souls gather round the main fire to admire the dawn
as they share their sparkling insights with their signs
I memorize a peacefull riot

`cause I know

Freaks will share their dance to spread their higher vision
and they`ll fly up to the sky to drown the flaws
let the freaks hum out of tune to keep us all together, forever
twinkle‐toed they rise to reach their fall

Let me take a closer look into the horses eyes
theyre fixed upward
let me see your passport please to know where you belong
you shall not pass

Crystal kids blowing their change pipes to admire their gods
as they spill their cup of insight on my mind
I memorize a listless fight

`cause I know

Oh I`m stoned, owend, reaching for a way out
In the name of our lords, oh people we are stoned, owned
reaching for a way out, in the name of our lords, oh people we are stoned
Track Name: The Echoes Of The Sun
Bent your bow, set me as a mark for the arrow
age my flesh as you break my bones
the prophet leads his wise men on a simple way to travel
dig some ash and wash me near the stones

Knowledge is a deadly friend, an affair with the devil
tune us in and drop me out alone
despretaly the preacher seeks a way to get unraveled
theres no hells thing that heaven has not shown

All I see the times they are a changing
and I hear you speaking word for word
that all we see and all we feel is shining
its gleaming in the echoes of the sun
come a little bit closer

Slice my vein to fullfill the quest of the low tide
for I am the wind blowing through the dawn
to him the winged secret flame, to her the stooping starlight
for she`s the moon and he`ll may be the sun

Come and spew your misery, the wormwood and the gall
grease my face as you love my rough
leaping laughter, force and fire shall rejoice my fall
save my mind as you cut me off
Track Name: AFP
AFP is on my friend
fill your bags with seeds and sand
plant the oak in desert land
just to make sure
all turns out well in the end
simple and just pure

Playing with magnetic fields
juggling with protection shields
breaking all my grinding wheels
where the streets end
all those letters are well sealed
but they are not yet sent

My blue love
lets go down
these wild paths
to the sound
of the woods

Come knock on my gardendoor
inside there is peace be sure
still it aims for more and more
the blind mens greed
it sweaps the blood around the shore
mindless indeed

Honest freaks the come and go
they have something nice to show
as they stand there in a row
quiet and shy
seems as if you still dont know
what we will deny

My strange love
lets go down
to the fields
with the sound
of the woods

Come and raise your flag my friend
AFP throughout the land
plant the oak in desert land
come and raise your flag
AFP throughout the land

Come and raise your flag oh child
let me see you stop to fight
AFP throughout the night
come and raise your flag
AFP throughout the land

Come and raise your flag oh trees
cure the human race disease
teach them all your wise believes
come and raise your flag
AFP throughout the land
Track Name: Thoughts Of The Mountain
Don`t lend your ears to
those who still lull you
into a numb, weak sleep

Yell with the fires
of your deep admires
to sow another seed

We are the children
juggling with something
that we`ll forever keep

Let`s change direction
and take the action
to look inside the deep

`Cause we`ll stay awake
yes we`ll stay awake

Lord don`t you fool me
telling your story
about the way we`ll be

Barefoot we are leaving
the wrong believing
into the great calm sea

Thoughts of the mountain
strong as I found them
circeling in the deep

Lets spread the word we
dream of a world
where there will be no numb sleep
Track Name: Simple Beauty
I burned some bibles out in the fields, while
I watched the paper glow I
felt the almighty

I drowned some circles of my believes while
They hashed for some breath I
killed them politely

I spoke my prayers all in the wind that
could not understand and
blew them back to me

I lulled my sun songs bit out of tune so
oh the sister moon moaned
make your decision

a guiding star led us through the light
all my roots seemed out of sight
the simple beauty
captured all my mind
and set my soul free

your heart is on top when you put your head down
to softly touch the ground
a brother once told me

I buried all my sense in the ground so
all the love I found grows
a bigger garden

lets lose our mothertounge in the woods where
the houle of the wolfs reigns all of our empire
lets lose our mothertounge in the skies where
all the bluebirds fly their circles of freedom